The Good Bread EP

by Good Bread

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Recorded in Evan's basement, enjoy


released August 11, 2010

Roi A.K.
Evan Zierk
Samsun Knight
Leander Knust



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Good Bread Brookline, Massachusetts

Formed in the winter of 2010 by Evan Zierk and Roi A.K. with Samsun Knight and Leander Knust, Good Bread started as an outlet for these four musicians to finally produce original music.
After Samsun and Leander departed to adventure in Ohio and Central America,
original members Evan and Roi recruited talented bass player Eli Guterman to join.
Since, the three have toured around the Boston area.
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Track Name: City of Love
Sweet sounds won't you take me down
To the city of love where everybody's bound
Take me out to the city lights
Out on the streets where everything's alright, i want to

Get down find my peace of mind
Out on the waters leave my tears behind, 'cause it's
Guaranteed and it's understood
In the city of love you're always feeling good

Where the heavyhearted smile again
Where the worries end and the love begins

Bring me back to where the guitars weep
Where night's...

Back to the scents where the palm trees grow
Down by the river where the angels glow
The fearless dreams the days of bliss, where a
Cool breeze greets you with a kiss
Track Name: The Heat Ain't Got no Name
I tried to do what mama told me
You know i did
She said son if you want to live free
You can't let the man win

Don't let the man do you in

I'm just a boy
Mom this ain't fair
Come on boy stand no
Time to spare

Because the man don't care

I pulled myself back on my
And i'm riding on free
Well i got to get my
The man won't get me

Set a poor boy free
Track Name: What it Means
Been a truth told where i come
Passed from father to son
Men don't cry boy men fight boy
A man never runs

And as the years go by boy
And you get wiser and strong
You'll walk down that road
Where your brothers have gone

And son you can see there are tears in his eyes
But he tells you it's joy and tells you it's pride
And it feels right like a dream
And you can't help and smile

But you know that dreams lie and you're just
Another son sent to die

And you know after mother hugs you goodbye
She boasts to her friends about the planes you fly
But at night in her bed the tears fall and they rise
It's always too late before they realize

That the rains have past it's just blood in the sand
But you fight for the flag and you fight for the land
And when the bombs drop down and there are
Fires in the skies

They realize you're just
Another son sent to die

And some mornings when the sun rises over the hills
You just soak it all in how good it can feel
To dip your feet in the water and splash 'em about
To know you're only a kid who wants to twist n' shout

But it ain't dawn yet son it's the breeze and the chill
You've got a gun in your hand some people to kill
Cross over the wall where the others amass
Where you beat 'em with sticks and spray 'em with gas

But when one life ends another begins
Father told you the phrase but not what it means
And with the lights in your face
And the hate in their eyes

You realize you're just
Another son sent to die
Track Name: 79 Flat
Well you know
It's the life that lets you go
Whenever you find the way
To sift through the days

You find peace of mind

Yeah child the moon's come out to play
Yeah child the moon's come out to play
Yeah child the moon's come out to play
Yeah child the moon's come out to play