Feels So Good

by Good Bread

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Recorded live, mixed, and mastered by Alex Garcia-Rivera at the Mystic Valley Recording Studio in Medford, Massachusetts.


released July 1, 2011

Roi A.K. - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Evan Zierk - Drums & Back-Up Vocals
Eli Guterman - Bass

Nina Berinstein - Harmonies on #1, #3-6
Sam Reed - Album Artwork



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Good Bread Brookline, Massachusetts

Formed in the winter of 2010 by Evan Zierk and Roi A.K. with Samsun Knight and Leander Knust, Good Bread started as an outlet for these four musicians to finally produce original music.
After Samsun and Leander departed to adventure in Ohio and Central America,
original members Evan and Roi recruited talented bass player Eli Guterman to join.
Since, the three have toured around the Boston area.
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Track Name: Sister Sold
Sister sold
Her knees are cold
You know
You know

Shattered cries
Sister sigh
You know
You know

There ain't no love when you look in mother's eyes
Pimp smiles for a while but then it dies
There ain't nobody to hear you when you moan
Father shared you with crooks like a crop then you're gone

Come and go
The thrusts and blows
You know
You know

Colors fade
Behind the light
You know
You know

Sing with me
Take my hand
I'll never do you wrong

Dance with me
I can show you
It's gonna be alright

Sing with me
Close your eyes
And I'll set you free
Track Name: She Loves Me
Well I know
My baby
She loves me
She loves me

Well I know
My baby
She loves me
She loves me

Well I know
My baby
She loves me
She loves me

Well I know
My baby
She loves me
She loves me
Track Name: The Baire
Reached for me babe
Behind the glass
Felt so good
But nothing good can last

Cold at the knees
Warm-blooded sun
Reached for you babe
But nothing good can stay

Found me babe
Behind the light
Lingered on
You've done me right

In my mind
Faded fast
Linger on
Nothing good can last
Track Name: Netta
Summer has gone by
You thought you'd never fly

Lift into the skies
Kiss the youth goodbye

We're off to neverland

The darkness that I've seen
Will never cloud my dreams

Though time will pass on by
I won't let her die

Hold on to the light
Track Name: Red Sky Flew
Make me babe
Think is home
Far green
Fell closed

Leaves beautiful
I'm blind
Stay with me

Turned red sky
Flew in
Hid blue babe
Flowed real cry

I'm blind
I'm blind
Stay with me

Broke time
Spat angels
Hovered mind
Something cracked

I'm blind
I'm blind
I'm blind
Stay with me
Track Name: Feels So Good
Preacher tell me what you see
Sure ain't what it used to be
Good times lost bad times gained
Sure seems like a shame to me

Cripwalkin' streetwalkin' concrete maze
The faded brands of white man's gaze
Love thy neighbor turn your cheek
Preacher pray for better days

Can't separate the voice of reason
From the laughter of a sun-soaked skin son
One soul, all it takes to see
Sure ain't what it used to be


Children hand in hand
Holler out from sea to sea
Preacher cry for change
Sure ain't what it used to be

Father done gone away
Sure seems like a shame to me
Preacher cry for change
Sure ain't what it used to be

Forgive and forget lost in translation
I just don't know what to say
Shaking from a dream remembered
Grown adults like children play

Aiming guns at each other like toys
Just them fatherless boys no wonder they get shot
Fighting petty quarrels like territorial dogs
Looking for a dream they lost

Remove the horror and insert something beautiful
The hidden smile in their mothers' eyes
Peel the pain to see the truth under
We're all people ain't no need for strife